A Momentous Day

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The End of Eqco's First 3500m of Black Thread

A slightly unusual post today. But it also feels pretty momentous in a rather small and insignificant way. You see, today is the first time I have reached the end of a 3,500m spool of thread. It probably doesn’t sound much but, because of the large number of coloured bindings and pipings etc. That I offer, I’ve bought a pretty substantial number of bobbins over the past couple of years. And this is the first time one has reached its end. So it feels kind of special and, dare I admit it, a bit emotional. Yes I am a silly softy, I will freely admit it.

ANYWAY, I must spend less time time musing on the ins and outs of bonded nylon thread and more time sewing some bum warmers and rugs.

Thank you all for your orders and support and here’s to finishing many more thread bobbins. And in a shorter space of time!

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