Bandage Pads Have Landed

Bandage Pads Bandages Glitter Royal Blue Turquoise

This is something of a grand reveal. It probably doesn't seem like a big thing, but getting these bandage pads to where I wanted them to be and then having them on a horse and ready to offer for sale has been quite the undertaking.

Eqco Royal Blue Bandage Pads With White With Turquoise Glitter Bandages

Here are just some of the issues I've faced:

  • My first quilter couldn't work with the bandage pad wadding I wanted to sample
  • Then their minimum order quantities were insane (I'm talking hundreds of metres)
  • Then the courier to deliver the samples to and from me was going to be cost-prohibitive
  • Finally found a second quilter to work with (and really local - hurrah!). But they couldn't fit any sampling in for three weeks because they were so busy. Not good
  • They did the sampling. Their quote to roll out to production levels was so high it would have cost me the retail price for a set of bandages JUST to get them quilted
  • Oh, and the wadding I had delivered to this quilter was filthy so needed to be re-ordered and delivered
  • Then the re-ordered wadding wasn't suitable (it broke the quilters' needles). Aaaaargh!
  • And the towelling fabric was scratchy
  • AND the top layer fabric was too thick. And so was the next round of top layer fabric. Give. Me. Strength
  • Found another quilter to work with. HURRAH! Couldn't fit any sampling in for a few weeks. Fine. I waited. Then my contact left the business and his replacement was on holiday for a fortnight (selfish)
  • First round of samples: done. First round of samples: ruined. The wadding still wasn't right. Quilter told me they couldn't do it. Did I cry? Yes I did
  • Quilter sympathised and said they could help me out, but could I do 500m? No, no I definitely couldn't do 500m. I asked if they could do 5m as a compromise. They laughed. But - surprisingly - agreed! Amazing. We're in.
  • 5m of fabric? No it didn't work. Yet more hundreds of pounds wasted. Being an 'entrepreneur' is a tough old game. Heard it here first
  • Broken sewing machine (can you tell I'm getting bored of this list now?)
  • Cancelled photoshoot because I couldn't get the cursed products made in time. Yawn
  • Right, I've had enough of this now. Long story short, we're there!!!!

So today Georgie and Antonio from Wonderhorse Dressage played Eqco dress-up again (thank you guys!) with what are now the final bandage pads.

There'll be other photos to follow over the next few days showing different colour combinations, but we decided this was our favourite combo to lead with.

So we have here Eqco royal blue bandage pads (set of four) with Eqco white with turquoise glitter bandages. I really really hope you love them as much as I do. 
Big love all! Jess xx

Eqco Royal Blue Bandage Pads With White With Turquoise Glitter Bandages

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