Bandages, Meet Pads

Bandage Pads Bandages Black Black With Silver Bling Blue With Gold Cerise Fuchsia Glitter Grey Matchy matchy Navy Navy With Pink Pink Purple Purple With Gold Royal Blue Silver

This evening I went back to see gorgeous George and Tony from Wonderhorse Dressage (do have a look at their blog) to check in on the old bandage pad samples, see what they're up to and try some Eqco bandages over the top of the pads to give people an idea of colour pairing.

What a beautiful evening it was - perfect for catching the glitter in the bandages (why oh why can't I have weather like that for all of my photoshoots? Grrrrrr).

Good news: the bandage pads are wearing well. Georgie's been using them most days since we had the hand over a couple of weeks ago and they're holding their shape well, aren't over-heating Tony's legs (impressive in this hot weather) and still look fantastic. They haven't been in the washing machine yet so Georgie's promised to give them a clean to see how that goes.

I took a selection of Eqco bandages with me, having woefully neglected to do so last time. We had navy with pink glitter, purple with gold, royal blue with gold and black and grey with silver. I think they all looked fab with the pink pads but that's your call, dear reader. We had a range of bandage lengths with us (photoshoot samples) so please excuse the slightly dubious bandaging. And I didn't notice that one of the pads had slipped down at the front in some of the shots - my bad (I hasten to add, though, that the bandages stayed in place no problem so definitely not a product fault, just human error).

Right, over to the photos...

Eqco Pink Bandage Pads with Navy and Pink Glitter BandagesEqco Pink Bandage Pads with Purple and Gold Glitter BandagesEqco Pink Bandage Pads with Royal Blue and Gold Glitter BandagesEqco Pink Bandage Pads with Grey and Silver Glitter BandagesEqco Pink Bandage Pads with Black and Silver Glitter Bandages

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