Barely Budging Bum Warmers

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So yesterday my friend Sarah and her gorgeous horse, Herbie, agreed to dress up in Eqco kit for a video of them jumping. Herb's an absolute machine and a stupendously wonderful jumper.
So they donned the good old midnight blue Doesitall quarter sheet (which has been doing the rounds rather a lot recently!) with turquoise binding, white and silver piping and double row Czechoslovakian crystals (bling bling!). The bum warmer was teamed with grey bandage pads and pale turquoise with silver glitter bandages.
You can see how the quarter sheet barely moves despite Herbie's scopey jump. Plus some idiot (namely me) forgot to bring the fillet string for the quarter sheet so it was even less secured than normal. I was impressed!
We were also pleased to see (again) that the bandage pads hadn't heated Herbie's legs up despite his energetic session in the school.
Here's a video and some photo stills of them popping the fences. What a legend Herbie is and thank you again Sarah for all your help.

Eqco Midnight Blue Doesitall Quarter Sheet With Turquoise Binding White and Silver Piping and Crystals

Eqco Quarter Sheet Bandage Pads and Bandages

Eqco Quarter Sheet With Bandage Pads and Bandages

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