Bespoke Bum Warmers And A New Website

Bespoke Binding bum warmers Customisable Customise Edging Made to measure Made to order Piping Quarter sheet

Hi all,

So I've had a few phone calls recently where people have been unable to order exactly the bum warmer they're looking for online. I totally get that this is a right old pain and - believe me - I'm not happy with it as is. Hence working on a new website! I'm using the same team I've used in my previous life as a human fashion bod in London so the new website should be really great! It's quite a long process but is on the go with new draft visuals being reviewed as I type.

If you're looking for a bespoke quarter sheet size I can definitely help. They're actually all made to order anyway so I'm delighted to take your horse or pony's measurements and make one for you which will fit better than an off the shelf size (afterall, all our horses are individuals and different shapes and sizes, just like us!).

Likewise I can put lots of different colour bindings/edgings and piping/trim on - there are so many that my current website won't let me list all the options (grrrrr x 1,000). In fact, I can even use a specific trim that you supply to me if you have something you're really keen to use.

And yes - I can sort embroidery for you through a third party who I know and trust. Whether it's just initials, your or your horse's name or a logo. For logos I need a .dst file. If you don't have one I can point you in a recommended supplier's direction. It normally costs about £25 but you can re-use the file over and again once you have it.

Here are some pictures showing close-ups of bindings and pipings and so on. The crystals shown in the midnight blue are from Czechoslovakia and are absolutely stunning. Slightly on the pricey side, though, so do get in touch to find out more.

Eqco Midnight Blue Quarter Sheet With Turquoise Binding, Silver and White Piping and Double Row Cyrstal EdgingEqco Grey Quarter Sheet With Pink Binding and Pink and White PipingEqco Navy Blue Quarter Sheet With Baby Blue Binding and White PipingEqco Brown Quarter Sheet With Royal Blue Binding and Baby Blue and White PipingEqco Green Quarter Sheet With Yellow Binding and Green and Pink PipingEqco Burgundy Quarter Sheet With Grey Binding and Crystal-framed Embroidery

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