Best Year Ever

Alice Hurley Daisy Coakley Deciphering Dressage Fae Loudoun Photography Gold Rush Eventing New Year Wonderhorse Dressage

Black With Purple And White Doesitall Quarter SheetAlice Hurley PhotoshootWonderhorse Dressage Photoshoot

Evening Eqco-ettes! Hope your first days back at work haven't been too brutal.

So this is a slightly gushing post but what the heck?! As of this morning, Eqco has had its most successful year since I started out (with another three months still to go!).
Thank you so so so so much for all your orders, beautiful photos of your gorgeous animals in Eqco clobber, wonderful feedback and for bearing with me while I endured a broken hand (thank you, Horse Face), divorce, black eye, sewing machine meltdowns, supplier issues, animal tragedy, moments of temporary insanity and so on. 

There are some very exciting things coming up in 2018 as I found out just before Christmas that a round of financing I applied for has been approved...meaning lots of new products and a new website. HURRAH!

Here are some of my top photos from 2017 and a sneaky one from Deciphering Dressage which just came in 

Thank you to my fantastic sponsored riders Daisy Coakley (managed to squeeze you in on the neon Levi shot) and Alice Hurley for your support, patience, talent, teaching and photoshoot help and to Fae Loudoun Photography for hot snaps (more hoummos due, of course)!

Extra special thanks to Wonderhorse Dressage for being my best customer ever and constant source of support, inspiration and ridiculously handsome Tony Pony modelling and photos. Although Gold Rush Eventing strive to B.E better is hot on your multiple order heels so you'd better watch out!

First Pink And Orange Neon Waterproof Quarter SheetA Legg At Each Corner - Sarah Legg

Gold Rush Eventing Photo Black Doesitall Fabric Quarter Sheet With Gold PipingFirst Neon Pink Waterproof Quarter Sheet Featuring Daisy Coakley

First Neon Yellow Quarter Sheet

Grey With Royal Blue and White Doesitall Quarter Sheet Courtesy of Deciphering Dressage

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