Bum Warmers Are Back

Alice Hurley Black Bum Warmer Doesitall Exercise Sheet Exercise Sheet Pink Premier PRE Dressage Quarter sheet Turquoise

Well I'm just back from the yard and I can't believe it's head torch lighting already. Everyone always raves about Autumn but I'm all about Summer (and Spring, at a push). Having said that, we did have a really lovely hack yesterday - here's a photo...

Ashridge Forest Hack

So it seems bum warmer season is upon us - the orders are rolling in thick and fast already and I know most people haven't clipped yet. Well done to all those customers for being so organised. Maybe one day I'll be like you guys :)

For those thinking "what the heck is a bum warmer?" it's an affectionate term for a quarter sheet - an exercise sheet which sits behind the saddle and attaches with velcro straps either to the stirrup keepers, around the stirrup leathers or around the girth straps. The benefits are that you can easily remove the quarter sheet once your horse has warmed up and also that you're not adding any bulk under the saddle/putting pressure on the withers with a more traditional-style exercise sheet.

Shop our quarter sheets here and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions about sizing or customisation (there's a quarter sheet measuring guide here). 

Did you know that we can arrange embroidery for you?

In the meantime, here are some bum warmer photos from our most recent photoshoot with our sponsored rider Alice Hurley of Premier PRE Dressage.

 Eqco Doesitall Quarter Sheet In Black With Pink Binding And White Piping

Eqco Doesitall Quarter Sheet in Black With Turquoise Binding and White Piping

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