Finished Stall Guard

Bespoke Customised Embroidered Embroiderery Personalised Stable Stall Guard

Hi guys!

Hurrah! I finally finished the stall guard featured in the video from a couple of days ago (read blog post here).

And here it is!

Eqco Stall Guard

You'll see the lovely customer went for a red and black colour combination with the 'body' section in red and a black outer with black embroidery (in Charles font) to match. Adjustable straps also in black webbing.

The customer and I talked at length about other colours for the outer/frame section but I advised that a darker colour (like black) would be best because of the inevitable grubby marks that inevitably come with all things horse-related. We talked about a dark brown for the outer edges but, because webbing (infuriatingly) doesn't come in a huge array of colours, we decided it would be better to keep things looking smart and consistent and stick with black.

You can't see in this picture but the straps are adjustable. I'm not sure that other stall guards on the market offer this feature but wanted the customer to be able to take the stall guard with her if she moves stable or yard so created this product to be as versatile as possible.

This stall guard features panic release clips for all four fastenings. Normally you'd just have these on one end but the customer said her horse has a habit of not getting on very well with more traditional clips so we opted for these all the way round.

In terms of measurements, Eqco stall guards can be made to work with all stable shapes and sizes but the one in the picture above measures 80cm x 40cm for the main section. The straps are adjustable up to 1.3m and the webbing used is 25mm. 

You can't see very well from the photo (must organise some professional shots soon) but this is a very heavy duty product which weighs in at almost 2kg. Including the edge sections, there are between six and eight layers of heavy thick cordura-style fabric so it's a chunky old piece of kit.

I'm sure you're all wondering how much these cost. It will be £40 for a non-embroidered version with two panic release clips and two 'normal' clips in the 80cm x 40cm size. Embroidery for two words is another £15 and embroidery typically adds another week to the make schedule depending on other embroidery jobs in the make queue (I have to outsource embroidery since I sadly don't have my own machine...yet). As with all Eqco products, there are tons of customisations which can be taken in to suit you, your horse and your yard so - if there's something specific that you're looking for - I'm sure we can help. Get in touch by calling 01442 842305 or email us here and we'll get back to you very soon.

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