Fly Veils, Bridle Bags and Dog Beds

Bridle Bag Dog Bed Fly Veil Hi-vis Neon Neon Pink Neon Yellow

Busy day today (and last night). Aside from picking bl**dy horse hairs out of            e v e r y  meal I’ve had for the last year (seemingly), I tried yesterday’s fly veil samples on my little monster and Lovely Letty (thank you Judith again) at my yard. The pink shorter one needs some darts adding but should work. I’m delighted with the yellow one and am actually wondering if I need to put an eye panel in - both horses seemed pretty indifferent about the yellow colour (despite the unimpressed ear shapes we’re seeing).

Eqco Neon Pink Yellow Fly Veil Eqco Neon Pink Yellow Fly Veil

Eqco Neon Pink Yellow Fly Veil Eqco Neon Pink Yellow Fly Veil

Next up I FINALLY managed to make a barrel bag where the ends and tunnel bit (God knows what it’s called. Body?) matched. I never knew I’d be using pie r squared after school and now wish I’d paid more attention. Long story short: this means I’m closer to being able to offer the round shape bridle bags. Squarer shape ones need more work still. Curse those stretchy fabrics which seem distinctly non-stretchy before getting down to it.

Eqco Bridle Bag Eqco Bridle Bag

Last up are another couple of matching dog beds. The hairies are so hairy and muddy at the moment I wanted to make them something wipe clean and I’m a massive sucker for stripes we go!

Eqco Navy White Stripe Dog Bed Wipe Clean

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