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Bethany Upton Body Warmer Embroidery Gilet Sponsored Rider

I'm really enjoying embroidering gilets at the moment. Especially with logos and even better with a fancy glittery thread colour (watch this space for delivery due tomorrow or Friday of said glittery threads).

The pictures below show the first of two navy gilets I'm doing for Bethany Upton Pet and Equine Photography. There's also a saddlepad to come so keep an eye out for those photos! These are going to be for Bethany and her sponsored rider to wear out and about to help draw attention to Bethany's business and look nice and smart on the job.

I use a third party to create embroidery files since the software I need to do it myself is a bit outside budget at the moment at a whopping £1,000 and they are soooo good at what they do. It really makes a difference to the embroidery finish using a top quality file to work from. I've had files in from customers before where the digitizer hasn't put enough stitches in and the embroidery looks kind of spidery. Not good.

Eqco Bethany Upton Gilet Embroidery Eqco Bethany Upton Gilet Embroidery

Eqco Bethany Upton Gilet Embroidery Eqco Bethany Upton Gilet Embroidery

You might notice the lines in the first photo - they're chalk and are used to help line the embroidery up on the garment so that it's straight. They brush off easily once embroidery is done, as you can see from subsequent photos.

Apologies for the creases - this is a brand new product straight from the packaging so hasn't been warmed up on a body yet.

Don't forget our sponsored rider package where you can kit yourself or your sponsored rider out with a number of embroidered items for £150, saving over £50 in the process! See the listing on the website here.

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