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Hi Eqco-ettes,
The lovely Maddie Oldfield has kindly written the next in the guest blog series for us. Read and enjoy!






Eqco Doesitall Quarter Sheet Guest Blog Maddie Oldfield

All of the above when it means its cold and dingy enough to use your Eqco bum rugs! Even though winter is unfortunately synonymous with a permanently muddy grey pony, constant wet feet and a crying bank account, I for one am happy that a) this is coming to an end now we have reached the shortest day, and b) that I still get to use my rugs which I am completely obsessed with. And I haven’t been bucked off yet this winter either, so that’s good too.

Eqco Doesitall Quarter Sheet Guest Blog Maddie Oldfield

When Jessica asked me if I wanted to be guest blogger I positively leapt at the opportunity because I am completely obsessed with my rugs and can often be seen bragging about them to other liveries and encouraging them to purchase them too. By obsessed, I mean properly obsessed, I have six of them… and I love them all equally.

Eqco Doesitall Quarter Sheet Guest Blog Maddie Oldfield

At the moment my go-to is my Doesitall quarter sheet. I have two of these so I can keep one in the lorry for those training days you realise were a bit colder than expected and for competition warm ups. I ride in monoflap saddles and there is nothing I hate more than conventional exercise sheets sat on top the saddle with my sliding all over the place on top, but with this rug that’s a thing of the past. Mega easy to attach on (I use the Velcro strap onto my stirrup leather), which means also super easy to remove. They’re smart and warm, don’t seem to flap in the wind but also aren’t static when you remove them – win win. And also you can use them when lunging by attaching the Velcro onto the rings on the roller – so versatile! I use my Doesitall rug basically every day at the moment (another good thing is that it partially covers said muddy grey pony, meaning less grooming for me, again win win!).

Eqco Doesitall Quarter Sheet Guest Blog Maddie Oldfield

Unfortunately though, something else which is also intrinsically linked to winter, for me, is dressage. Now as with many eventers, I don’t love my dressage, but winter is a time to nail these sub 30 tests and show off these Eqco bum rugs at shows. Here is where my bargain sale Doesitall rug comes in to play to quickly warm up and dry my poor horse after having a cold bath (mean mother alert) or to dry them off after a wet ride. It also washes very well and comes up brand new every time even after a lot of abuse/being dropped in muddy puddles and is such a beautiful colour too.

Eqco Doesitall Quarter Sheet Guest Blog Maddie Oldfield

My most recent purchases you may have seen on Eqco Facebook; two waterproof quarter sheets, one neon pink with reflective strips on for hacking, and one navy with purple binding for schooling, lunging and shows. An early Christmas present to myself I say. I chose to go with the lightweight lining seeing as I already had my Doesitall rug to wear underneath on those chillier days, meaning I can just use the waterproof rug on those warm but damp spring and autumn days.

Eqco Doesitall Quarter Sheet Guest Blog Maddie Oldfield

Looking back (or forward if you’re feeling optimistic) to summer and we have the revolutionary mesh quarter sheet in neon pink. The same weight as a fly rug meaning even when I’m doing long fitness hacks with my eventers, I’m still safe on the road and there’s never any sweat underneath them. Now this was an ingenious design by Jessica and something I don’t think she boasts about enough – as well as the usual Velcro attachments she’s also cleverly added an elasticated loop which attaches lower onto the girth/girth straps to stop it flapping where it’s so lightweight. Both my horses are happier hacking in summer with this as it stops the pesky flies irritating them and we’re so visible in amongst the trees out on the roads which is something I have always struggled with in warmer weather with conventional exercise rugs.

Eqco Doesitall Quarter Sheet Guest Blog Maddie Oldfield

Writing this all down I realise not only how much I really do genuinely rate these products, but also how much I use them. I use at least one Eqco product a day. Next on my list to buy is the stable guard because naughty mare likes to escape under her chain… And with that, I’m off to ride in the cold and rain. Merry Christmas, hope everyone has some Eqco goodies under their tree!

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