New Rug and Exercise Sheet Bindings In

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Evening Eqco-ettes!

Exciting news at this end - we've just taken delivery of some gorgeous new binding colours. These are for Doesitall and Ruggoo fabric exercise sheets, quarter sheets and rugs.

The colours are:

  • Dark grey (looks a bit khaki in this picture)
  • Dark green (do people say racing, school or even navy green these days?!)
  • Lime green (kind of looks slightly yellow in the picture)
  • And burgundy

I can't wait to see these on some sample products. I've got a photoshoot lined up with my sponsored rider, Alice Hurley of Premier PRE Dressage in a couple of weeks' time and we'll definitely be seeing one or more of these.

The bindings have come from a new supplier and are a bit more expensive than the other colours but not a huuuuuuge amount more.

Anyway. Here's a photo.

New Binding Colours For Exercise Sheets, Bum Warmers/Quarter Sheets And Rugs

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