New Style Stirrup Bags/Covers

Do people call these bags or covers? I always called them bags and then a customer messaged me yesterday asking if I do stirrup covers and it suddenly dawned on me that I'd potentially lost MILLIONS (like, millions!) of orders by calling them bags instead of covers. So henceforth I am now going to refer to refer to them by both names in the hope I don't miss out on any future orders.

So. Anyway. I finally got round to sampling the new style stirrup bag/cover and put Hooves & Love gorgeous logo on as a test.

The previous style used my old Doesitall fabric but I can't use the new Doesitall fabric because it's too thick to double over for the drawstring to go through.
I have quite a lot of the old Doesitall fabric left but will put the new style online soon.
As you can likely see, the new style have the same waterproof outer fabric as used in quarter sheets, riding skirts and saddle covers. They're also lined in the same fleece I'm using for the saddle covers and will be moving over to for quarter sheets and riding skirts when I've run out of Ruggoo fabric.
The new stirrup bags are more labour-intensive than the old style because they're lined so they're going to retail at about £20 excluding embroidery (I need to make a few more sets and time how long it takes to make them).
However I'll do them for £16 a pair as an introductory offer for the next few days. Hurrah!

Eqco Stirrup Bags/Covers

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