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I am always in complete awe of my customers who are adept at planning ahead and being super organised and on it. Jane from my yard is a prime example of this as she's just got me to make a lightweight waterproof quarter sheet for her beautiful horse, Maggie. Obviously with the weather being as it is (boiling hot, for those reading this in the future), Maggie doesn't need to wear the quarter sheet at the moment, but Jane didn't want to leave it until the last minute so pressed ahead with getting the quarter sheet made for our next inevitable bout of cruddy rainy weather. And doesn't Maggie look beautiful in it?!

Jane went with a navy blue outer and red binding to keep things classic. She and Maggie mainly do schooling so Jane wasn't too concerned about visibility.

This is the first lightweight waterproof quarter sheet I've made in a non-neon colour and I'm really pleased with how it looks.

As Maggie's on the, ahem, larger side, I took some careful measurements beforehand to check the fit. Seeing as everything from Eqco is custom made to order, we ended up with a great fit - see the picture below from behind. I'm delighted with how the darts fit over Maggie's bootylicious bottom. I asked Jane if she wanted to have a tail flap but she preferred to go for a simpler style.

Don't forget our neon equivalents too, for road riding and dog and dog walker warning on hacks.

Photos below...

Navy and Red Waterproof Lightweight Quarter Sheet

Navy and Red Lightweight Waterproof Quarter Sheet

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