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Great Scotland Yard StablesWhat a fantastic morning I've had!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely team at Great Scotland Yard Stables in London (home of the Metropolitan Police mounted police force). On a recommendation from an existing customer, they were interested in ordering a number of Eqco quarter sheets to keep their horses' bottoms warm when on ceremonial duties and no needing to sport hi-viz.

Of course I said I would be delighted to oblige and we made a plan for me to head into town today to have a meet and greet and measure their horses up (which was a bit of a challenge when you've got a 17.2hh colossus in front of you). Naturally the horses were all beautifully-mannered and absolutely stunning. It was such a honour.

Here are a few snaps from the trip this morning and I'll keep you posted on the next developments. I've got to order some bespoke materials in given the nature of the order so it will be another few weeks yet.

Great Scotland Yard StablesGreat Scotland Yard Stables

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