Summer Mesh

Fly sheet Hi-vis hi-viz Hiviz Mesh Quarter sheet

Excitingly I've almost finished my first mesh quarter sheet order of the year. Admittedly it's for a customer in Australia (second one ever - so very exciting!) but I'm sure it means that lovely summer days are on the horizon.

Last year I didn't quite get round to perfecting the hi viz fly veils but I'm resolute about doing so in time for this year's flies.

Also a point to note is that pony size quarter sheets are now cheaper than their horse sized counterparts so get in there, pony parents!

And lastly, don't forget that you can save 12% with code JESSBDAY when you spend £75 or more on full-price items by Sunday.

Hope corona isn't getting everyone down too much. I know it's mega crappy but I'm hoping and expecting it to pass before long and then we can put all of Winter's wet misery behind us and embrace 2020. Hurrah!

Shopping links are as follows:
Quarter sheet
Neck cover

Eqco Mesh Hi Viz Quarter Sheet Neck Cover Tabard Fly Veil

Eqco Hi Viz Mesh Quarter Sheet With Text and Tabard

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