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Hi guys!

Two things in this blog post...first is a video review for the waist bags I make (click here to see them) with my lovely customer Mary.

Next is time for something a bit different...I really need to get some more reviews on my website product pages (and also on facebook, but reviews on product pages are needed more desperately). Reviews help loads when you're a small business so I'm asking for your help please.

I know writing reviews is a pain (I'm rubbish at it myself) so I thought I'd turn it in to a free prize draw, drawing three winners at random in two weeks' time. First prize £25 voucher, second prize £20 voucher and - you guessed it - £15 for the third prize.
Leave your review on whichever page or site you like and then email a screenshot to me at info@eqco.co.uk so I have your email address and I can contact you if you're a winner.
Do be honest with your reviews - I can take it (sniff). Obviously you have to own the product you're reviewing so it's genuine.
Thank you ever so much in advance.
Big love,
Jess xxx

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  • Rhiannon Owen on

    Hello Jess,
    Hoping this finds you better than the weather?
    To let you know how well the yellow riding skirt is performing, since I’ve ridden in it every single day (! Portly mare, badly needs the exercise), and am really impressed. Kept me, my saddle and much of the mare completely dry and warm. Despite the gales and deluges, skirt always sits beautifully, with 360 hi visibility for other road users. It is an excellent design and finish, has already attracted compliments and interest, so a big thank you for the creative talent and customer service!
    More than satisfied, best wishes, R

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