Waterproof Riding Skirt

Riding Skirt Waterproof Riding Skirt

Eqco Waterproof Riding Skirt Mock-up

"What the..." I hear you saying. I know, I know. Bear with me. And YES I know, that skirt doesn't look waterproof in the slightest. That's because it's not. And yes I know it's VERY pink. Hold your horses, though, as there's method in my madness.

So I've been working on (or meaning to work on) a waterproof riding skirt for donkeys' years (the puns just keep on coming today). Or a couple of months at least.

Someone tagged me in a post way back when saying they'd seen a waterproof riding skirt for sale in America or some such far away land costing about the price of a luxury equestrian property in Henley-on-Thames and wondered if anyone over here in the UK made them. Of course I leapt to attention and started thinking back to my dress making days approximately 6,000 years ago (ahem). 

I dug out some quarter sheet lining fabric and made a mock-up which looked like this...

Eqco Waterproof Riding Skirt Mock-up

So far, so good (please excuse the state of my workshop - what can I say? If I had time to tidy up and paint and so on, I would).

Then I got on the horse wearing it and this is what happened.

Eqco Waterproof Riding Skirt Mock-upEqco Waterproof Riding Skirt Mock-up

Could have been worse but we were lacking in the round, as they say (DO they say that? I don't know. But I just did). Not enough fabric. Grrrrr back to make another sample.

I won't lie, the heatwave hasn't exactly focussed my thinking on waterproof items but I got back in the saddle (ah you just can't keep a good pun down!) last week when the weather turned and I realised I needed to pull my finger out and get some products ready to sell.

And so that is where I ended up sitting on my long-suffering boy wearing my early noughties Sex and the City style pink Topshop '50s-esque full circle skirt.

Eqco Waterproof Riding Skirt Mock-up

Next step: make another mock-up so watch this space again.

As always, don't hesitate to get in touch by phone on 01442 842305 (I love talking to you guys on the phone) or email with any questions or if you just want a chat ;)

Big love,

Jess xxx


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  • Jane Howell on

    I think my sister just received a riding skirt from you it’s great ! I am interested in a skirt and actually would like it to be pretty hi viz so the pink demo colour is not to be sniffed at ! I have to ride out vizzed up as we meet plenty of traffic etc! Are you in production yet ? Thanks Jane.

  • Lynn hadley on

    Let me know when you’re in production, I’m very interested in your riding skirt 😀

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