When Only A Gold Dog Bed Will Do

Dog Dog Bed Gold Velvet

Sometimes only a gold dog bed will do.

After a lot of ongoing trial and error with the dog beds, I’m still trying to get these right. They’re extraordinarily physical to make and the finish is an issue still with sections not quite matching up (the reason for which continues to defeat me), plus going slightly overboard with stuffing in the pursuit of superior quality to the extent that seams have burst (and not on my trousers, for once).

I’m also struggling to find a way to post them without it costing a small fortune so I’ll keep you updated.

If anyone is near(ish) Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire and wanted to collect that could work!

Here are some photos of my friend's collies in the gold dog bed I made her for Christmas. We met for dinner where I handed the dog bed over and a lady in the restaurant came up to us to ask where the dog bed was from, which was really lovely.

Eqco Gold Velvet Dog Bed

Eqco Gold Velvet Dog Bed

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