About Us


My name's Jessica and I live and work in Hertfordshire in the UK. I started Eqco (pronounced "echo") to bring to market the kinds of bright, fun, colourful and good quality products for horses and dogs at reasonable prices which I couldn't find elsewhere.

My background is in fashion and interiors marketing and I worked in London for Boden, Graham and Green, Habitat and Jigsaw plus a small beauty company and in various marketing agencies before going it alone.

I was desperate to unleash my creative side and so completed a pattern design course at Chelsea College of Art a few years ago - watch out for future collections featuring designs inspired by trips to the Caribbean, Middle and Far East and Russia.

I'm also slightly obsessed with customising items so that I can have something a bit different from what everyone else has. I know I'm not alone in this so am delighted to offer my customers additional options across the product range, be it size, colour, personalisation and so on.

I'm also an advocate of good customer service - I want everyone to feel special when they buy from Eqco and be excited about receiving their order.

My passion is animals and I am a keen animal rescuer. I have two rescue dogs: one from Romania called Caper and a Bosnian rescue called Miska (named after the lady who runs the rescue). You'll sometimes see pictures of both of them on Eqco social media pages.

I have also had nine rescue cats (Elvis, Vronsky, Ezra, Mogadishu, Kathmandu, Cotton, Kathmantwo, Mogaluf and Catmaninov - the last four still with me) over the last few years and I have been very lucky to give a new home to upwards of 40 ex-battery hens since 2013 (I lose count these days).

Last but not least, we have Levi. My most beautiful 16.3hh 15 year old black Trakehner gelding whom I've owned for six years now. I absolutely adore him and dream of being able to keep him (and future horses, rescue donkeys and so on) at home with me. Of course I'm itching to get another horse (one is never enough, right?!) but am trying to be sensible. Whatever comes next will likely be some form of rescue so possibly an ex-racer or police horse who didn't make the grade. Although I do keep hearing about rescue Spaniards who are very tempting!

Here are some photos of the clan and me. 

Eqco Horse and JessEqco Horse LeviEqco Dog Caper and JessEqco Dogs Caper and Miska

Eqco Horse Levi