In 2019 we invested in our own embroidery machine, software and accoutrements to bring personalising your items in-house. Very exciting!
You can choose to have just text, text and an image or an image or logo embroidered onto many different items. We can also personalise your items with heat applied vinyl for a different finish and on garments with shinier fabrics which don't lend themselves to embroidery.

You can buy items from us with or without personalisation or you can supply items to us, although we cannot guarantee the quality of the finish with items you supply if we haven't worked with them before. It's very much a case of 'you get what you pay for' with embroidering on poorer quality, cheaper garments - the finish is less professional because of the garment quality.

If you have a business or sponsor logo you would like to have embroidered on a quarter sheet, stall guard, gilet, saddlepad, jacket, stirrup bag and so on you can either supply your own embroidery file (with the file ending .dst or .pes) to us at the correct size or we can create the file for you (see this listing).

Specialist software is needed to create the file which tells the machine when to change thread colour, what type of under stitch to use, where to start and finish stitching and so on, so it's unlikely that your designer will have access to it unless they embroider themselves.

If you'd like us to create the file for you, we'll need your design or logo as hi-res as possible (at the same size as you want to have the embroidery replicated when 300 dpi) and ideally in a vector based file format (eps, for example) so that it can be scaled up or down without losing any detail. Please send this to us on email by clicking here.

If you would just like text embroidered with no image, please let us know the following:

- exact lettering with spaces

- whether you'd like the text UPPER CASE, Title Case or lower case

- whether you'd like the text on one line or split over two or more lines

- the font you'd like to use (there are about 200 microsoft fonts available)

- the thread colour(s) - please note that the greater the contrast in colour between the item and embroidery thread, the more legible your design and text will be (we would never recommend that you embroider dark brown thread on a navy item, for example, as the embroidery would be all but lost).

Bear in mind that, if you want the text all on one line and there are lots of characters, each character will have to reduce in size to fit the full length in.

The largest embroidery hoop available is 28cm across, which is generally a great width for quarter sheets, the back of jackets, gilets, coats, hoodies, polos and so on, although this does depend on the size of the item (children's and very slight adults' clothing will need to go smaller because of the size of the garment).

Embroidery on passport wallets, saddlepads and stirrup bags necessitates a less large size - about 10cm or 15cm across because of the size of the item.

For saddlepad embroidery we use a different machine attachment which has a maximum height of 10cm. Although we can sometimes break the logo or text up so part of it is embroidered separately, thus allowing a larger space to be embroidered.

Embroidery costs depend on the item being personalised and your design or text but as a guide are as follows:

- £10 for initials on larger items and longer text/logos on smaller items e.g. stirrup bags

- £15 for one long or two short words (10 characters) on larger items e.g. quarter sheets and clothing

- £20 to £30 for two long or three short words (11 characters) with or without images.

You can save on the cost of embroidering the same text/image on both sides of a quarter sheet - see detailed prices below.

Costs depend on the stitch count and subsequent time on the embroidery machine so please call us on 01442 842305 or email us to discuss further.

Here are some photos to show recent embroidery projects.

Eqco Horse Shoe Hearts Embroidered GiletEqco Embroidered Stirrup Bags From The Ground Up

Eqco Bethany Upton Embroidered GiletEqco Black Gold Embroidered Gilet