Quarter Sheet Measuring Guide

The video and photos below show how to measure for a made-to-measure bespoke Eqco quarter sheet.

Standard Sizes

As a guide to help you measure up, our standard 4'6" equivalent size is 33" wide by 30" deep. The 4'9" is 36" wide by 33" deep.

Monoflap Saddles

If you have a monoflap saddle we can still make a quarter sheet for you. Customers with monoflap saddles have the choice of feeding straps either through stirrup leather keepers or around their stirrup leathers. 

Shorter Sheets and Bespoke Options

Some people prefer their quarter sheets to have a less deep look - less rug-like so the bottom is more in line with where the saddle pad finishes. Just let us know what look you're after and we can make something to fit your horse. We can also work on cut-away options (see photo at the bottom of the page) and other bespoke scenarios with attachments, shapes and sizes etc.

Here's a photo showing the basic measurements we need from you.

The first measurement needed is a horizontal one from halfway down the back of the saddle flap to the tail LINE (not around the back of the leg otherwise you get tail overhang). Keep the tape measure straight (imagine you have a spirit level on it).

The vertical measurement is from the spine at the highest point on the bottom to the stifle, again keeping the tape measure straight.

There is a second photo further down the page which includes additional measurements which are needed if you have a very narrow or wide horse, one with an unusually short or long back or a non-standard shape or size saddle. If you use a riser/half pad it is also a good idea to measure around this and provide the saddle cut out measurements.

The horse pictured in the photo below is a 16.3hh warmblood who is fairly long-backed. He wears a 6'6" rug and a 4'9" 'under saddle' exercise sheet. His Eqco quarter sheet length/width (number one in the picture below) is 95cm (37") and depth/height (number two in the picture) is 89cm (35").

Eqco Quarter Sheet Measuring Guide