Horse Measuring Guides

Custom made items do require some measuring up if you're going to get a product for your horse or dog which fits them really well. This is, afterall, one of the main reasons people buy from Eqco - so that they can get the best fit possible rather than buying an 'off the shelf' standardised quarter sheet, set of leg wraps or mesh neck cover and so on. All horses and dogs - like humans - are different shapes and sizes so it makes sense that a lot of standardised items aren't going to give the best fit.

Some people can find measuring up a bit intimidating as it's not an every day occurrence and the pressure to get the right measurement is real! Take your time, rope a friend in and give us a call if you're struggling - we keep a record of all orders' measurements so can try to find a horse whose sizing is similar to yours if you're really stuck. It might take a couple of attempts but will be worth it when you finally get something that really fits. Eqco products also have some adjustability in them so you don't need to worry about being a couple of millimetres out. Fear not - it will be ok!


If you have an existing quarter sheet or neck cover which fits *quite* well but not amazingly, it can help to lay it flat on the ground and measure it up, then add or subtract a couple of inches wherever the problem lies.

Below are links to the more detailed pages on how to measure for a quarter sheet and neck piece.

Quarter Sheet Measuring Guide Neck Cover Measuring Guide 
Eqco Horse Quarter Sheet Measuring Guide Eqco Horse Mesh Fly Neck Piece Measuring Guide