Horse Neck Cover Measuring Guide

Measuring your horse or pony up for an Eqco neck cover is pretty straightforward. 

The picture below shows the measurements needed and describes what they are. Depending on how your horse is with tape measures, you will likely be able to take these measurements alone without the need for a friend to get involved.

A few points to note:

  • All the measurements needed are just one side of your horse or pony's neck - not the full circumference (this is because the fabric is folded in half and laid flat when cut out)
  • For number one (poll to saddle front), bear in mind your horse or pony's typical head carriage when being ridden
  • For number two (wither/front of saddle to top of leg), this is where you want the neck piece to finish - likely not down by the knees but you could opt for something a little less deep than shown in the picture below
  • For number three (poll to throat centre point), keep this fairly loose - nobody wants hacking AND strangulation
  • For number four (widest and deepest neck point), it was hard to get the arrow in the right place on the diagram so just go with a vertical line from the top of the mane down to the centre of the chest or neck at the widest/deepest neck point
  • Number five is from the centre chest point to the line dropping down from the front of your saddle - it's so we know where to cut in to the fabric for the shoulder flap bits


If you have a detachable Winter stable or turnout rug neck cover you could lay this flat on the ground and take some measurements from that as a sense check/to help. 

Eqco Horse Ride On Fly Mesh Rug Quarter Sheet Neck Piece