How To Bandage Your Horse's Legs For Exercise

We know that lots of people feel a bit intimidated at the thought of bandaging their horse's legs if they haven't done it before. There are some horror stories out there about damage being caused plus people sometimes say that putting exercise bandages on can be a bit of a faff.

As with so many things, practise makes perfect and, once you have the hang of it, bandaging really doesn't take too much longer than putting boots on. In my experience, beginner bandagers are more likely to bandage too loosely than too tightly - make sure you can always get a couple of fingers between your horse's leg and the bandage pad (or bandage, if you're not using pads) to make sure you haven't gone too tight.

What I love most about bandages is that they work around the contours of your horse's legs and so fit much better than lots of boots do.

Also Eqco bandages and pads come in dozens of colour combinations and wash extremely well, so you can really stand out from the crowd when sporting a set of pads and bandages.

Anyway, here is a quick exercise bandaging 'how to' video with our friends Georgie and Tony from Wonderhorse Dressage (check out their facebook page for some beautifully-written updates on their training and competitions).