Would You Like To Star In The Next Eqco Photoshoot?

Would you and your horse like to star in the next Eqco photoshoot?

I have loads of new products I'd like to shoot and am looking for the perfect partnership and setting to help promote them and advertise the Eqco brand and business.

In return for your help I will give you £150 worth of Eqco products of your choice from the shoot and tag you/your Facebook/Instagram page in all social media posts including your images. You will also be able to use all the watermarked pictures from the shoot once they have been publicised by Eqco (but do bear in mind this will be a product shoot, not a portraiture session).

You'll feature in Eqco blog posts and I can create a page on the Eqco website linking to your blog or website to help boost website search rankings (spot the marketer!). I'll EVEN bring along some homemade cake - orange is my current favourite.

Eqco posts on Facebook are regularly seen by upwards of 15,000 people and the cover shots will be from the shoot for some time to come so it would be a great opportunity for a blogger or influencer to get their name out there to a wider audience, create some excellent content for their social media channels and do something fun and a bit different (with cake - don't forget the cake)!

The products I have which I'm looking to shoot include:

  • Riding skirts
  • Non-hi-viz waterproof quarter sheets
  • Non-hi-viz waterproof neck covers
  • Fly quarter sheets
  • Fly neck covers
  • Fly belly covers
  • Fly veils
  • Riding bags
  • Bridle bags
  • Horsebox hay catchers
  • Tack room/horsebox tidies/hanging storage pockets

My ideal 'shopping list' for the shoot is:

  • Photogenic horse (approx. 16hh +) and rider combination who are clean and shiny for the shoot. If you're on a yard with a number of horses and some helpers who could get involved, all the better!
  • Gorgeous countryside setting
  • Immediate/close access to suitable road for hi-viz hacking shots
  • Horse with quality, uphill paces
  • Attractive outdoor menage
  • Horse and rider who are happy, flexible and patient enough to stand still for long enough to get some fabulous shots in a number of locations depending on light and background etc.
  • Horse and rider who are safe and happy to ride on roads
  • Bonus points if you have a luxury lorry and tack room that we can use for the horsebox hay catcher and tack room tidy/hanging storage pockets
  • Within an hour's drive of Hertfordshire (HP4 postcode) or West Yorkshire (WF7 postcode)
  • Ideally can do a week day but not a deal breaker
  • Availability within the next few weeks
  • Understanding that horrific weather will mean a postponement

If you, your horse and yard fit the bill, please contact me via email by Sunday 31st March with photos of you two and ideally a video. I envisage the shoot taking between two and four hours depending on various conditions (weather, light, horse(s) behaviour/temperament, cake breaks, prep before shoot and so on).