Eqco Doesitall Quarter Sheet In Midnight Blue

29" Depth Midnight Blue Doesitall Quarter Sheet (With Vertical Lines)

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Something slightly different...I have a midnight blue piece of Doesitall fabric from the end of a roll for sale. Midnight is a mix of navy and black yarns so a very dark navy. In some lights it looks black. See photo.

Because of the length of the fabric, this quarter sheet will have the weaving lines at 1" intervals (see photo) running vertically instead of the usual horizontal direction.

The maximum depth of the fabric is 29" and the maximum width is 37".

A 4'6" equivalent is 33" wide by 30" deep but if you were happier with a slightly less deep look than other Eqco quarter sheets you could go slightly wider too to fit a larger horse. 

Please use the measuring guide here to measure your horse or pony. A 4'6" will typically fit a very chunky 14hh up to a narrow 16.2hh horse or even bigger depending on how narrow or wide and long or short backed your horse is.

You are strongly advised to measure up since custom made items cannot be returned. I can help with advice on your likely size if you let me know your horse's height, shape and whether he or she is long or short-backed plus likely to fill out in the future.

Price is £41.25 down from £55 with black or navy binding (25% off). Other binding colours £10 more, each row of piping £10. Embroidery from £10. 

Image shown is for illustrative purposes only - this is not the actual item for sale.

Feel free to email us with any questions.