Customised Cushions
Eqco Customised Cushion
Eqco Customised Cushion
Customised Cushions
Eqco Customised Cushion
Eqco Customised Cushion

Customised Cushions

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How about a customised cushion in your choice of fabric, colour and embroidery thread colour plus your favourite slogan, saying (horsey or otherwise) or logo?

Add a comment with your preferred embroidery thread colour and text. If you'd like a different font just say too - there are 300 available to choose between!

The faux leather options are ideal for living sections in horseboxes as they can be wiped clean and fluff and fur won't stick to them (yes dogs, we're talking to you!).

If you'd like your logo embroidered on and don't already have a digitised embroidery file, you'll need to add this listing to your order.

Save up to 25% off when you buy multiple cushions with these discount codes
- 15% off when you buy two with code 2CUSHIONS

- 20% off when you buy three with code 3CUSHIONS

- 25% off when you buy four with code 4CUSHIONS

Some more slogan options as follows:

"I believe in morning rides, afternoon naps and evening cocktails"
"Life without horses is no life at all."
"There's more to life than horses. There are ponies too."
The one I did before on a sticker which went down well "Boyfriend? No, I have a horse."
"Life is better in the saddle."
"Eat sleep ride"
"Our hoofbeats were many but our hearts beat as one."
"Silly parents! Horses aren't a phase."