Heavy Duty Leg Wraps
Heavy Duty Leg Wraps

Heavy Duty Leg Wraps

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These heavy duty leg wraps are excellent alternatives to travelling boots if your horse doesn’t like the traditional, more bulky options.

They’re also extremely handy for keeping your horse’s legs clean, warm and dry after washing or before a show.

If your horse suffers from arthritis or is convalescing the heavy duty leg wraps can also be really helpful worn in the stable during winter months.

The outer layer of fabric is a heavy duty cordura-style fabric available in many colours (please ask if there’s a colour you’d like but can’t see listed) and the lining fabric is our own Doesitall fabric which is woven here for us in the UK especially for horses.

Fastenings are three 2” Velcro straps per boot (set of four or a pair can be purchased - get in touch).

Lining colour is generally chosen by us but get in touch if you have a particular preference.

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