Eqco Embroidery Logo File Creation

Logo Embroidery File Creation

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Creation of a .dst file for embroidery by me. The file will be yours to keep once created.

You will need to supply a jpeg or eps file of your logo and I will create a special file type that embroiderers use which tells the machines where to cut stitches, change thread colour and so on.

The maximum width of embroidery is 28cm so please think about how large you would like your file to be (bearing in mind the items you will likely want embroidered). If you are looking for smaller items such as stirrup bags, passport wallets and the front of polo shirts to be embroidered you will need a smaller file than for quarter sheets and the backs of tops/jackets (about 15cm across). I can potentially produce both at the same time for the same price but please get in touch first to discuss your requirements.