Ready To Dispatch Royal Blue Doesitall Quarter Sheets

Ready To Dispatch Royal Blue Doesitall Quarter Sheets

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These Doesitall quarter sheets (the original fabric so when they're gone, they're gone as I'm working with a different supplier now) perform a multitude of tasks with style: they insulate, cool and wick (with the polypropylene sandwich layer). 

The woven fabric is royal blue weft on a navy warp so there is a slight navy shadow in some lights (not very noticeable). These quarter sheets also have white piping for a really stand-out look.

The bindings and straps are all royal blue and they come with a black fillet string.

All of these quarter sheets have standard size saddle cut-outs suitable for use with 17.5" saddles and standard straps designed for use with double flap saddles to go around the girth straps (although some customers can get them to work with their monoflap saddles using the stirrup leather keepers or going around the stirrup leathers depending on their saddles - the straps are 6" in front of the quarter sheet).

Ready to dispatch (excluding embroidery, which will take approximately another week), I have the following sizes available to send from Monday 8th February:

Sizes are:
4'6" equivalent (33" wide by 30" deep)
4'9" equivalent (36" wide by 33" deep)
5' equivalent (39" wide by 36" deep)

Fabric Composition

100% acrylic

Care Instructions

Wash at 40 degrees

Do not tumble dry or bleach

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