Eqco Neon Pink Hi-Viz Waterproof Riding Skirt
Eqco Waterproof Riding Skirt
Eqco Neon Pink Hi-Viz Waterproof Riding Skirt
Eqco Waterproof Riding Skirt
Eqco Waterproof Riding Skirt
Eqco Neon Waterproof Riding Skirt

Waterproof Riding Skirt

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This fabulous waterproof riding skirt comes in a choice of outer and binding colours and also lining weights.

The skirt is designed to keep you both dry and warm whatever the time of year thanks to all the lining options. It covers the whole of your precious saddle keeping it dry and protected and sits beautifully on top of Eqco quarter sheets.

How To Wear It
You wrap the skirt around you (typically under your coat or jacket, not over as in the photos - the science has changed since some of these photos were taken).

Fastenings And Straps
The elasticated waistband fastens at the front with a velcro tab about 6" long (allowing for additional adjustability).

There are two elasticated straps with press studs behind the ankle and lower leg on each panel of the skirt to prevent it blowing up and startling your horse (and letting nasty cold air in when you're so warm and toasty once you've got it on).

There is another velcro fastening on the skirt at the back behind the saddle in case you need more room mounting and dismounting or extra help removing the skirt once onboard.

Let us know your height and waist size (without layers on top) and we will make a riding skirt to fit you. Measurements are as per the chart below:

UK Size Waist (inches) Waist (cm)
6 24 60
8 26 65
10 28 72
12 30 77
14 32 82
16 34 87
18 36 92

The lining options are as follows:

- Mesh (does what it says on the tin)

- Lightweight: a thin polycotton similar in weight to a summer shirt fabric

- Fleece

- Double layer fleece. This is the most snug of all the linings and is very warm when coupled with the waterproof outer layer so, unless you're somebody who really feels the cold, I'd be saving this one for those handful of days we get in January and February when it's super bitter outside. The price is a bit higher because there's quite a lot more work dealing with two layers of lining than just one.

You can also choose to add 50mm reflective strips (one or two of them) to each panel of the skirt. These will be sewn on horizontally to cover the ‘corner’ at the back of the skirt on each side.

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